Accelerate Employee Onboarding from week one

Onboarding new employees has never been easier. Our AI-Powered platform transforms the way your company welcomes and integrates new hires, setting them up for success screenshot

Why WeekOne?



Use content from existing tools, create onboarding plans with AI assistance in minutes not days

  • Leverage existing content and tools
  • Use Templates, Guided Content and AI to save your time
  • Automate the busywork (Event scheduling, reminders, ... )



Boost productivity through Personalized and Gamified experiences

  • Fits the new hire's previous experience, role, and expectations
  • Ignite competition and make onboarding, engagging and fun



Engage with Tasks, collect feedback and elevate the learning, ensure success

  • Track progress and completion
  • Receive immediate alerts when issues arise
  • Collect continues feedback
  • Improve the onboarding
  • Set new hires for success



Evaluate insights, involve stakeholders, take Objective, timely and data-driven decisions

  • Consolidate feedback from your team and stakeholder
  • Compare insights with historical data
  • Take early, informant and objective decisions

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